Hofling Study for Social Approach Describe and Evaluate

Everything you need to know to answer a question on Hofling's Nurse and Doctor study according to the edexcel exam board at AS level

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  • Hofling: Describe and Evaluate
    • Evaluate
      • Generalisability
        • High at time because nurses were female
        • Low for modern day because there were no males in the study
      • Reliability
        • High because everything was measured and controlled e.g. scripted phone call, medication, etc
      • Application
        • High because the understanding helped to change the way nurses were taught to help patients
      • Validity
        • Construct was low because they expected nurses to put patient safety first
        • Ecological was high because it was in the actual hospital where the nurses worked
        • Experimental was high because the nurses did not know they were in a study
        • High because cause and effect proved.
      • Ethics
        • No informed consent and therefore no right to withdraw because of deception
        • Hofling was competent and there was a debrief
          • Debreif showed that nurses were upset at deception
            • No informed consent and therefore no right to withdraw because of deception
    • Describe
      • Aim
        • To investigate the relationship between Dr and Nurse in terms of Obedience
      • Procedure
        • Groups of nurses from a variety of different hospitals
        • Phone call to give an unknown medicine in excessive amount to a patient
          • Phone call from an unfamiliar Dr
          • "Astroten: ususal dose 5mg, maximum 10mg
            • Placebo
        • Call ended if
          • Comply
          • Refuse
          • upset
          • Could not find medication
          • Longer than 10 minutes
          • Wanted to refer to another Dr
        • Observer to ensure safety
      • Results
        • 21/22 Nurses gave the patient the drug
        • Very few even questioned the order
      • Conclusion
        • Nurses will disobey protocol to do as a Dr asks
        • The relationship between Dr and Nurse is potentially life threatening for the patient




only 10 out of the 21 nurses said they noticed the bottle label and 22 different hospital wards were used in 3 different hospitals :)

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