Token Economy - Evaluation

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  • Token Economy - Evaluation
    • Hobbs and Holt (1986)
      • introduced token economy to delinquents across 3 institutions
        • significant increase in targeted behaviour
    • Sindelar
      • Drug abusers were more likely to stay clean when the rewarded for good behavior
    • Staff may abuse power to make their lives easier
    • Not representative of real life as you don't get positively reinforced for good behavior
    • Do not tackle the cause and may only work temporarily
    • May be stronger positive reinforcers for bad behavior such as social approval
    • Cheap to implement as staff don't need training
    • Lipton et al (2002)
      • meta-analysis
        • behavior strategies were not as affected as cognitive interventions
    • Petry et al (2006)
      • entries into a prize draw as token for alcoholics
        • Highly effective


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