HM: How to use one study for several topics

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  • Case Study: HM
    • Describe one study related to localisation of function [9]
      • The focus of your answer should be on describing the hippocampus and memory formation. Describe the damage to HM's hippocampus and state the difficulties he had in forming new memories
    • Explain one technique used to study the brain in relation to behaviour [9]
      • The main focus should be on with post-mortem (autopsy) results following HM's death or on the MRI scan. Describe one of the techniques and show the findings related to the damage
    • HM's case study can be used in an essay on research methods used in the study of brain and behaviour. Focus on the rich, detailed insight gained from studying a unique case.
  • HM's case study can also provide support for the multi-store model of memory e.g. use as research for a cognitive essay on models memory


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