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    • Truman Doctrine
      • President Truman offered help to any country that was under threat.
      • The USA's policy to stop communism spreading.
    • Marshall Aid
      • George C Marshall offered $13 billion in aid to the countries that were trying to reconstruct after the war.
    • The Domino Theory
      • Concern that once one country had fallen to communism, nearby country's would too.
    • The Blockade
      • Soldiers of the Soviet Union blocked access routes between West Berlin and West Germany.
      • Aim was to force the West to surrender their region by depriving the people of food.
    • The Airlift
      • Blockade aeroplanes were used to transport goods.
      • The cargo included food, clothes medical supplies and even petrol and oil.
    • The End Of The Blockade
      • Stalin believed that it would be impossible for the West to continue supplying Berlin.
      • Abolish the new currency.


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