Hitlers Foreign Policy

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  • Hitlers Foreign Policy
    • Hitler rose to power during a time of depression and international tensions
    • European Tension
      • League of Nations attempts at disarmament failed
      • Democracy had collapsed, many countries were led by aggressive leaders who weren't worried about the L of N
      • Italy and Japan invaded other countries territories. L of N did next to nothing to stop them
      • Germany resented its treatment after the First World War
      • France had never stopped distrusting Germany
      • Britain didn't want to get dragged into war, no matter what the reason
    • German Discontent
      • Extremist parties flourished, poverty and unemployment meant people wanted strong leaders
      • Adolf Hitler got to power in 1933.
        • His main aims were...
          • The Treaty of Versailles to be overturned. Rearmament, Germany wanted a stronger military. German speaking people to be united in a German Reich, this meant taking land from other countries. He wanted to take land from what he saw as inferior countries such as the Slavs
      • Hitler & German expansion
        • He withdrew Germany from the League of Nations 'Disarmament Conference'. Later withdrawing Germany from the League of Nations itself
        • 1934, Hitler agreed to a 10 year friendship pact with Poland - Weakening Polands alliance with France
        • March 1935, military conscription was brought in, against the T of V. Italy, France and Britain condemned this.
        • June 1935, naval agreement with Britain. Germany was allowed 35% of their naval strength and 45% of their submarine strength. This implied they were allowed to rearm.


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