Hitlers foriegn policies

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  • Hitlers foreign policies
    • three aims
      • January 1933
        • Hitler saw treaty of Versailles as one of main problems for Germany
          • Rejected treaty 1926
      • Rearm
        • Hitler started rearming quickly but in SECRET
          • 1935 evidence of rearmament: military rally to SHOW OFF military and power. Establishing separation from rest of world
            • 1936 step further, Hitler sent troops into the Rhineland
          • introduced Conscription
          • Also left L.O.N
      • Reunite
        • Lebensraum
          • to get a
        • Gross-Deutchland
        • Anchluss with Austria 1938
          • Bullied shushnigg into taking a nazi polition into austrian goverment; high position
            • shushnigg ordered a plebiscite for the people to decide.
              • Hitler forced shushnigg to resiegn and nazi moved in
              • Rigged vote 90% in favour
      • Reform
        • MILTARY


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