Hitler's aims

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  • Hitler's aims
    • 1933:
      • He removed Germany from the LofN
        • He saw Japan defeat the League of Nations
        • Convince Italian leader to withdraw from the LofN
      • Saw the Treaty of V as the main reason of Germany's problems. He promised to take back all of the territory lost.
        • Everytime he took land, he convinced the European leaders that this was fair due to what the TofV did.
      • Expand Germany to provide lebensraum - living space
      • A plebiscite - vote- taken allowed Germany to take back the industrial areas.
    • Rearmament 1932-34
      • Hitler's main aim was to rearm Germany. At first he did it secretly due to the TofV rules.
      • A confernce in February was held about rearmament.
        • It was agreed that everyone should be as equal to Germany after they were unfairly treated by the TofV.
        • The Germans walked out of the conference after the other powers couldnt agree to disarm to the level of Germany.
        • In a later conference, he agreed to not rearm if the other powers destroyed their arms. When they refused Hitler withdrew from the conference and late the LofN
    • Non-Aggression Pact with Poland 1934
      • Hitler was hoping to weaken other allied power, France and Poland
      • Hoped to reduce Polish fears against Germany.
      • Wanted to show that he had no problem with Poland, only the USSR.
    • In 1935, Hitler held a massive military rally to celebrate Germany's forces.
      • He re-introduced conscription and announced a peacetime army of 550,000
      • France, Itlay anf Britain met in Stresa to talk about working together to preserve peace in Europe
    • Anglo-German Naval Treaty 1935


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