Hitler's Rise to Power

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  • Hitler's Rise to Power (source BBC bite size)
    • 1933
      • January
        • Hitler becomes chancellor
      • February
        • 27th: Reichstag Fire
          • Reichstag building set on fire
          • Dutch communist, van der Lubbe was caught in building.
            • This was used to convince people that communists were plotting agains government. Helped Nazis win seats
      • March
        • 5th: General election
          • Nazis win 288/647 seats. Only 44% of population vote for Nazis
        • 23rd: Enabling Act
          • The SA  intimidates all non-Nazi deputies
          • Reichstag votes to give Hitler right to make his own laws.
            • Hitler has absolute powers to make laws
      • April
        • 26th:Hitler sets up Gestapo
          • Rules by terror
        • 26th: Local government changed to 42 Gaus, areas, localities and blocks. Surveillance increased.
      • May
        • 2nd: Trade unions abolished
          • German Labour front set up allowing Hitler to control workers
      • June
        • 20th:Concordat
          • Hitler and Pope sign agreement. Allows Hitler to takeover political power if he leaves catholic church alone.
      • July
        • 14th: Political parties other than Nazis banned
          • Democracy ruined
    • 1934
      • April
        • 24th: Peoples court set up
          • Judges make oath of loyalty Nazis
      • June
        • 30th: Night of  Long Knives
          • SA make demands of Hitler
            • ** murders 400 SA members and it's leaders and more of Hitlers opponents.
              • Destroyed opposition within party
      • August
        • 19th: Hindenburg dies and Hitler becomes Führer
          • Hitler is absoluter ruler


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