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  • Hitlers Rise to Power
    • Jan 1933
      • The Depression after the Wall St Crash made many more people vote for the Nazis. In 1933, Von Papen convinced Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as Chancellor
    • Feb 1933
      • The Reichstag Fire meant that The Reichstag building burnt down. A communist was found inside the building. He admitted responsibility.Chancellor Hitler was able to convince people that the communists were trying to take power by communism
    • March 1933
      • With the Communists banned from the Reichstag, Hitler was able to pass the Enabling Act.
    • June 1934
      • NOLK - Hitler had got  of opposition groups, which meant he could deal with opposition in his own party. Ernst Rohm had the power to overthrow Hitler so Hitler had to get rid of him.
      • On the night of the 30th June 1934, Hitler's ** killed over 1000 SA members including Rohm.
    • August 1934
      • The death of President Hindenburg gave Hitler the chance the opportunity to combine the roll of Chancellor and President. He called himself "Deh Fuhrer".
      • The Oath of Loyalty to Hitler - Every soldier had to swear a personal Oath of Loyalty to Adolf Hitler. It stated that: They'd be obedient to Hitler, they would be a brave soldier and they would risk their life for this oath.


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