How Hitler Gained Power of Germany

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  • How Hitler Gained Power of Germany
    • The Night of the Long Knives
      • NOLK took place on the night of the 30th June and continued till the following evening
      • Hitler used the NOLK to get rid of the threat of the SA and there leader Rohn
      • After the NOLK the army swore allegiance to Hitler
      • This was how Hitler got rid of anyone he thought was against him
      • This helped Hitler gain power of Germany as he gained the support of the army and got rid of any opposition that was left
    • Hindenburg's Death
      • Hindenburg died 2nd August 1934
      • After his death no one could stop Hitler
      • Hitler gave himself the title "Fuhrer" of Germany
    • The Enabling Act
      • This law when passed allowed Hitler to make and law he wanted without consulting the Reich
      • The Enabling Act was passed in March 1933
      • This allowed Hitler to gain power as he had total rule over Germany and couldn't be challenged.
    • Reichstag Fire
      • The Nazi's blamed the Communists for the fire.
      • Van Der Lubbe a schizophrenic was found by the fire and was blamed.
      • Van Der Lubbe was a Communist.
      • On the evening the SA arrested the main Communist leaders
      • By blaming the fire on the Communists Hitler was able to get rid of the main opposition to him.
    • Banning of the opposition
      • In July 1933 Hitler banned oppositional parties so the only legal party was Germany.
      • This helped Hitler gain power as it allowed him to call an election and win it without having any other opposition.


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