Hitler's Consolidation of Power

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  • Consolidation of power
    • Reichstag Fire
      • Decree for the Protection of People and State
        • Hitler persuaded Hindenburg to sign it
        • This gave Hitler power to restrict free speech
          • Limited freedom of the press
          • Imprison enemies without trial
      • 27th February 1933
        • One week before the election
      • Blamed on Dutch communist Marinus Van der Lubbe
        • Argued that the communists were starting a revolution
          • Communist and socialist newspapers banned
    • Enabling act
      • 23rd March 1933
      • Foundation stone of the Third Reich
        • Abolished sate assemblies and replaced them with Reich governors
        • Strict laws and censorship of the press
        • Banned all other political  parties
        • Banned trade unions
        • Removed Jews and political opponents of the Nazis from their posts in the civil service
      • There were 444 votes in favour of  the law
    • Night of the Long Knives
      • 30th June 1934
      • Ernst Rohm wanted to incorporate the SA into the army
        • He needed the support of the army but the generals would never agree to this
          • He used the ** to carry out a purge.
            • 400 enemies of stste were arrested and killed including Rohm, von Schleicher and von Kahr
              • This ecured the support of the army and relegated the ** to a minor role
    • Death of Hindenburg
      • 2nd August 1934
      • Hitler combined the role of president and Chancellor to give himself the new title Fuhrer
        • He was now Head of Stae and Commander in Cheif of the Armed Forces
      • The army was made to swear an oath of loyalty to the Fuhrer
        • In a referendum 90% of votes agreed with his actions
          • Hitler is now the absolute dictator of Geramny


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