Hitler comes to power

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  • Hitler comes to power
    • Hitler changed law to keep control
      • Nazis won 288 seats no majority - communists won
      • Using SA and ** H intimidated Reichstag into passing Enabling Act which allowed him to make laws without consulting the Reichstag
      • Hitler declared Communist party illegal
      • Gave him enough support in Parliament to bring in Enabling Bill
      • Bill let him govern for 4 years without Parliament and made all other parties illegal, almost in full control
    • Night of the Long Knives
      • H had opposition, worried about rivals within Nazi party
      • Biggest threat - Ernst Rohm controlled SA (over 400000 men)
      • June: H sent own men to arrest Rohm and others
      • Loads killed including Rohm, Strasser and von Schleicher
      • Month later Hindenburg died. H made himself Commander-in-chief of army and was called Der Fruhrer - beginning of dictatorship
      • Brought back conscription
    • Germany under strong leaders
      • Reorganised into number of provinces, each province called a Gaue (aloyal Nazi)
      • Above them Reichsleiters who advised Hitler e.g, Goebbels propaganda and Himmler chief of German police
      • At top Fruhrer - Hitler


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