Hitler Youth

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  • Hitler Youth
    • 3 Tiers for boys
      • Young Folk aged 10-14
      • Little Fellows aged 6 -10
      • Hitler Youth aged 14-18
      • Boys would attend Hitler youth meetings several times after school and special weekend camps every month
        • They learned how to march (involving long hikes), fight with knives, fire guns, play different sports and keep themselves fit
    • 2 Tiers for girls
      • League of German Maidens aged 14-17
      • Young girls aged 10-14
      • Girls learned how to cook good meals, look after babies as well as going on long hikes
        • They were being prepared for motherhood as well as participating in sport
    • Hitler wanted to create "young men and women who can suffer pain..."
    • Swing types
      • Richer youth who refused to join the Hitler youth and instead went to parties, listened to American jazz music (banned due to its black origins) and had Jewish friends
    • Other working class youth formed gangs like The Roving Dudes, The Edelweiss pirates and The Navajos
      • They went camping and sang songs making fun of Hitler and some even physically attacked Hitler youth groups
      • These groups included boys and girls, including Jews
    • It was compulsory form 1936, but some people disregarded it
      • Bu by 1939, most of the German youth were part of the Hitler Youth


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