Hitler goes to War

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  • Hitler goes to War
    • Hitler's aims for Germany
      • Get back all land lost after WWI
      • To join all Germany-speaking people in one country
      • To create Lebensraum (living space), by taking land from neighbouring countries, in order for the Aryan race to thrive
        • France and the UK had vast colonies overseas while Germany only had a few. This would allow them to get cheaper natural resources like France and the UK
    • Hitler knew that he would break the Treaty of Versailles by achieving his aims, but like millions of Germans he did not care
      • 3 days after he was elected he ordered new tanks, submarines, battleships and fighter planes to be built e.g. rearmament
      • Conscription was also reintroduced
      • Germany was taken out of the League of Nations
    • 1935: Other countries did nothing when they found out about Germany's rearmament as they were too scared Hitler might invade them
      • It was seen as self-defence if they didn't invade anyone
    • 1936: German troops were sent to the Rhineland on the border to France which was supposed to remain a demilitarised zone but no countries stopped them
      • He wasn't invading any other nation
      • Also in this year, Germany signed treaties with Italy and Japan which meant they would stick up for each other if they were attacked -allies
    • 1938: German troops marched into Austria (Hitler's birth place). This is called Anschluss = Annexation
      • Hitler was making a connection and had been threatening to invade Austria for many years
      • Austria's leader resigned and the new leader was a supporter of Hitler and invited him to take over. No one offered to help
    • 1938:Hitler wanted to annex the Sudetenland, a German speaking territory between Czechoslovakia and Germany
      • But Czechoslovakia wanted to keep its land
      • September 1939: Neville Chamberlain the British Prime Minister tried to mediate the situation and visited the Czechoslovakian leader, Benes who agreed Germany could have the area where the most German speaking people lived
        • Hitler refused but on 28 September it was agreed that Hitler could have all of Sudetenland
          • Hitler also signed a piece of paper to say he was satisfied and that he did not want anything else
        • Appeasement: trying to keep peace through negotiation
    • March 1939: Hitler'd soldiers occupied the rest of Czechoslovakia and now France and Britain were starting to get suspicious of Hitler's motives
      • France and Britain started to prepare for war and offered to help Poland if it was invaded next
      • Hitler wanted to invaded Poland, but before that he made a pact with the Soviet-Union
        • Nazi-Soviet pact: Was created as Hitler thought the Russians might feel threatened if he continued to push soldiers in their direction
          • A secret part of the deal meant Russia could have part of Poland if they let the Germans invade
          • Especially as Hitler had repeatedly said he hated Russians and their communist rulers
          • The countries would not also fight each other
    • 1 September 1939: Hitler invaded Poland
      • 3 September 1939: France and Britain declared war on Germany. WW2 had started


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