Hitler becomes Fuhrer

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  • Hitler becomes Fuhrer
    • Rohm and the SA were a threat to Hitler
      • Rohm didn't like Hitlers policies
      • Many of SA - bitter. Felt angry and undervalued - many still unemployed but loyal to Rohm
      • SA - much bigger than the army and army feared Rohm wanted to replace them
      • Leaders of the ** wanted to reduce the size of the SA in order to increase their own power
    • The **
      • Set up by Hitler in 1925 to act as his bodyguards. Appeared menacing in their black uniforms
    • The Night of the Long Knives
      • Hitler decided he wanted to rid himself of the threat of Rohm and the SA
        • Invited Rohm and 100 SA leaders to a meeting on 30th June 1934
          • Was a trick - when the SA arrived, arrested by the ** taken to Munich and shot
            • After the arrests, von Papen's staff were arrested and his home surrounded.
              • von Papen - no longer able to watch what Hitler was up to. Further killings occurred.
    • Death of Hindenburg
      • Only person senior to Hitler
      • August 1934, he died
      • A Law concerning the Head of State merged the offices of Chancellor and President to create a new office called Fuhrer (meaning leader)
        • Hitler used propaganda to ensure that he looked all powerful
          • The 'Heil Hitler!' salute made people swear loyalty to him personally - portrayed as having superhuman, heroic qualities
    • Army oath of allegiance
      • When Hindenburg died, Hitler announced the army should swear an oath of allegiance to him, not to Germany


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