Hitler and the Nazi Party

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  • Hitler and the Nazi party
    • Adolf Hitler
      • 1889: Hitler is born (20 April) in Braunau, Austria
      • 1899: aged 10 at school. Favourite subjects: art and history
      • 1903: His father who was bully died
      • 1905: Aged 16 he left school after failing all of his exams
      • 1906: His mother died
      • 1907: Aged 18 he went to Vienna to try and become a famous painter, but failed the entrance exam for the Vienna Art Academy. He got by with occasional jobs
        • He soon became full of hatred and jealousy especially for foreigner and Jew. He felt they were making something better of themselves than he was as well as running Austria by taking all the jobs and imposing their way of life
      • 1913: Hitler left Austria and went to Munich, Germany in order to avoid conscription
      • 1914: Volunteered for the German army. During the war: he won 6 medals including 2 iron crosses the highest award for bravery
      • 1918: Tempoarily blinded by a gas attack; the war ended
      • 1919: Investigated political groups for the German gov (a spy); the gov. feared that they could start a revolution e.g. German Workers' party
    • German Workers' Party
      • Hitler visited them in May 1919 as a spy
      • The tiny party was founded by a railway worker, Anton Drexler and only had 55 members when Hitler joined
      • Met in beer halls
      • Hitler wanted to build up membership by:
        • Advertisements in newspapers
        • Sticking up posters on walls
        • Holding public meetings all over Munich
      • Hitler was an exceptional speaker and was soon running the party. He changed the name to the Nazi Party for short


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