Hitlers Foreign Policy

Hitlers destruction of the T of V and his main policies

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  • Hitler's Foreign Policy
    • Main policies
      • Abolish the Treaty of Versailles
        • Germans hated it.
        • Leaders who agreed were called the 'November Criminals'
        • Reminder and humiliation of losing WW1
      • Expand Territory (Lebensraum)
        • Regain territory lost in the T of V.
        • Unite with Austria
        • German minorities in other countries and German speakers to become 'Greater Germany
        • Empire in E. Europe, 'Lebensraum" -more living space for Germans
      • Defeat Communism
        • Hitler was anti-communist
        • Communists helped their defeat in WW1
      • Build back economy
        • From reparations
        • From the Depression
    • How did Hitler destroy the Treaty of Versailles?
      • Rhineland Remilitarisation
        • Rhineland demiliterised meant G was vulnerable of attack from the west.
        • Hitler took a risk of marchinghis troops in.
        • French would not act by themselves
      • Anti-Comintern Pact
        • 1936: Japanese and German hostility towards the Soviet Union
          • 1937: Italy joins pact.
      • Saar Plebiscite
        • Saar run by L of N since T of V.
        • 1935, League promiseda plebiscite for people to vote on ruling,
        • Success for Hitler, Saar returned to G.
      • Anschluss with Austria
        • German culture and language, Hitler gown up here.
        • Strong Nazi Party in Austria.
        • Hitler demanded concessions for the Austrian Nazi Party. Schuschnigg refused and resigned
        • Replaced by Arthur Seyss-Inquart, the leader of the Austrian Nazi Party. On 13th March, Seyss-Inquart invited the German Army to occupy Austria and proclaimed union with Germany.
      • Leaves L of N and Disarmament Conference
        • Spanish Civil War
          • Communists (supporting Republican gov) vs right wing rebels under General Franco.
          • Opportunity to fight General Franco and try out new forces
        • Germans happy to disarm if every nation did.
          • Or they will rearm to French levels
            • French wouldn't disarm or let G rearm.
              • Gave Hitler reason to leave conference pretending it wanted peace.
                • Germany had been secretly rearming.
      • Army and Air force
        • March 1935 Hitler announced Germany had an air force.
        • Introducing conscription
        • He knew no one would take any action
      • Anglo-German Naval Treaty
        • Allowed G to build a navy 35% of the size of Britain's
        • Guarentee of Britains naval superiority over G.
        • Permitted to go against T of V naval restrictions.


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