Prohibition and Crime

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  • History-Prohibition and Crime
    • Prohibition
      • Anti Saloon League set up in 1893
        • Had been demanding an alcohol ban in the USA for a long time
        • Said that drinking broke up homes and families and led to crime
      • Employers claimed it made workers unreliable
      • Alcohol banned in several states by 1917
        • Ban on brewing alcohol from grain during the war because the grain was needed for food
          • Had been demanding an alcohol ban in the USA for a long time
      • 18th AMENDMENT PASSED IN DECMEBER 1917. Outlawed the manufacture, transport and sale of alcohol.
      • 'Speakeasies' born as many people still wanted to drink
        • These places toyed with the law by chrging for entry to the speakeasy, rather than charging for the alcohol, mening they technically were not selling alcohol
        • 'Bootleg' alcohol smuggled in from other countries such as Mexico
        • Some places served home brewed 'Moonshine' alcohol thaqt could be very dangerous to drink
    • Organised Crime
      • Prohibition gave organised crime the perfect conditions to grow
        • Gangsters took over sales and distribution of alcohol and made a lot of profit, as a lot of people wanted to drink
          • These gangsters fixed betting at dog and horse races, ran gmabling dens, clubs and also brothels
            • They were able to bribe the Police, as well as prohibition agents, jusges, juries and local official.
          • Each gang controlled its own area, many businesses within them had to pay 'protection money' to keep them from looting or destroying their business.
    • Gang War
      • Powerful gang rivals fought each other for control of parts of cities such as Chicago.
        • Examples of this include the St Valentine's day massacre on the 14th of February 1929. This was when Al Capone's gang killed seven members of the rival gang Bugs Moran in Chicago


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