History of the Periodic Table

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  • History of the Periodic Table
    • In the early 1800s they could only go on atomic mass
      • Until recently only two ways to categorise elements
        • their physical and chemical properties
        • their relative atomic mass
      • had no idea of atomic structure, electrons, protons
      • back then could only relative atomic mass
        • therefore, that's how elements were arranged
          • periodic pattern noticed so that's why is called periodic table
    • Newlands' law of octaves was first good effort
      • man called Newlands had first good way of arranging table in 1864
        • noticed that every eighth element had similar properties
          • so listed known elements in rows of seven
          • idea broke down when reached transition metals
        • left no gaps so work was ignored
        • work was ignored because...
          • groups contained elements that didn't have similar properties
            • e.g  carbon and titanium
          • mixed up metals and non-metals
            • e.g oxygen and iron
          • didn't leave any gaps for undiscovered elements


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