History of Race Relations in the USA

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  • History of Race Relations in the USA
    • Martin Luther King
      • Christian
      • Peaceful Protest
      • Wanted Integration
      • Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955
      • Little Rock High School 1957
      • Sit ins - Birmingham Alabama
      • "I have a dream" speech Washington 1963
      • LBJ's Civil Rights Act 1964
      • LBJ's Voting Rights Act 1965
    • Malcolm X
      • "Black Power!"
      • Nation of Islam (led by Hon Elijah Mohammed)
      • Islamic
      • Created the 'Black Panthers'
      • Wanted a separate USA for blacks
      • Supported riots against the white police
      • Killed in 1965 by Nation of Islam when he returned from the Hajj
      • Left a legacy of violence and hatred towards the whites - and a rejection of white society and values
    • Slavery 1650-1865
    • Black poverty and segregation in the South 1865-1960
    • Black civil rights movement 1954-1965
    • LBJ and Civil Rights legislation 1964-68 including affirmative action
    • 1965-72 Black Power replaces the Civil rights campaign
    • 1972-2008 Slow increase in the black middle class; large-scale underachievement in rest of African-American population


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