History - Treaty of Versaille

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  • The Treaty of Versailles
    • Clemenceau- French PM
      • The French people didn't think the treaty  was harsh enough
      • Wanted Revenge
    • Lloyd George- British PM
    • Wilson- USA President
      • 14 Points
        • Point 14 created the league of nations
          • Germany became a mandate run by the league of nations
        • Not all the 14 points were met
    • Signed in 1919 to deal with Germany
    • Rhineland was demilitarised
      • Demilitarised because it was too close to France and Belgium and the feared an attack
    • Lost Alsace Lorraine which they took of France in 1870
    • Take blame for war guilt
    • army reduced to 100,000 men
    • £6.6 billion reparations
      • Germany couldn't afford the reparations
    • Lost Land
      • Lost industrial areas so there was less money for reparations
        • £6.6 billion reparations
          • Germany couldn't afford the reparations
    • Germany didn't want to accept the treaty
      • Called it a Dikat - they had no choice about accepting it
      • They lost pride without forces
      • suffered an economic crisis and hyperinflation
      • Lost colonies
      • Lived under foreign rule


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