Treaty of Versailles (Aims and Facts)

The aims and main facts about the Treaty of Versailles. Mostly on the aims of the big 3

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  • The Treaty Of  Versallies
    • The Big 3
      • France, George Clemenceau
        • Wants;  Revenge, Reparations, Stop another German attack
        • The people want revenge, been attacked 2 times.
      • England, Lloyd George
        • He is forgiving, fair but reasonable, public wants revenge
        • Wants; Trade, no communism like Russia
      • Woodrow  Wilson, USA
        • The people  are forgiving and have little anger
          • Wants; Peace,  fair treaty, the 14 points.
        • 14 Points Main Points, Disarmament (only Germany), Self - Determination  (Never happened), Freedom of the seas (Not For Britain)
    • Armistice
      • Armistice day, 11th Nov 1918
      • Armistice - Stop Fighting
      • Led to Paris Peace Conference 1918
        • Led to the treaty
    • Signed 28th June 1919


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