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    • The Norman Conquest and William's control of England
      • Harold Godwinson
        • PROS- Only English man in the running, brother in law to the late King Edward the Confessor, most powerful man in England- already controlled Wessex, good soldier and Witan elected him
        • CONS- Once banished then returned, rebelled against the late King/ traitorous,  power-hungry and already defeated
      • Harald Hardraada
        • PROS-Strong fighter, promised throne through predecessor, good leader (King of Norway) and supported by vikings in the North
        • CONS-Foreigner, raided English coastline to become King by force and wanted to rebuild the Viking Empire although last King fought against it
      • William Duke of Normandy
        • PROS- Cousin of last King, took him in during viking attacks, very close to late King, like a son to him,Edward supposedly took an oath that made him King and Godwinson swore to help him become King and remain loyal to him
        • CONS- Foreigner and he may have forced Edward to swear an oath
      • How to get the throne
        • Elected by the Witan (council)
        • Fight for it
        • Through bloodline
        • Overthrown by a different King
      • How William Controlled England once he won the Battle of Hastings
        • Feudal System
          • A system of control where land is given in return for loyalty
        • Domesday Survey and Book
        • Castles
          • It controlled the land
    • Medieval Life
      • Entertainment
        • Untitled
      • Village life
        • BAD-Peasants had dark and damp houses with little furniture, they were taxed when a special event occurred such as a wedding and at harvest time they had to work for their Lord with no extra pay
        • GOOD- Richer peasants could pay a fine to leave the manor, they could pass on their land when they died instead of selling it if they paid duty when they died and they could become a man of importance if they moved into a town
        • Who ruled who?
          • 1. Lord of the Manor- a rich and powerful nobleman who is related to the King, he owns manors in Southern England and should travel around the country with the King and has fought with him in France
          • 2. Priest- in charge of the local church and holds services and reads prayers, he also helps the sick and poor and sometimes tends the land
          • 3. Bailiff- appointed by the Lord to look after his manor (the land owned by the Lord) and is in charge of farming the crops and all the villagers. He is given money, land and clothes by the Lord and lives in the Lord's house
          • 4. Reeve- reports to the bailiff and receives instructions about farming which he oversees villeins doing. He is a villain himself but he is chosen by the bailiff or Lord
          • 5. Villein- most people in the village who farmed, they weren't allowed to go to town. They work for the Lord, pay taxes, harvest crops and keep the village going
          • 6. Cottar-  owned a small amount of land (their garden), they were the poorest people and often had to beg or steal to get enough to eat
      • Justice
        • Trial by cold water: lowered into water if floated they were guilty if sank, they were innocent
        • Trial by hot water: had to retrieve a stone from boiling water and run 3m if there hands healed they were innocent
        • Trial by Combat: forced to fight a duel winner had 'Gods approval' loser was hung
      • Life for women
        • BAD- For poor women it was hard as they had little freedom and could be whipped by their husbands or fathers if they rebelled,their husbands or fathers were fined if they did anything wrong and they were seen as lower ranked citizens in almost every respect. They had no education.
        • GOOD- some became surgeons, healers and craft workers. If one was widowed they may have been allowed to take over their husband's business
      • Village set up
    • The Medieval Church
      • Heaven and Hell
        • Scared of going to hell
        • Didn't want to go to purgatory hallway place between Heaven and Hell where God would cleanse your soul
      • Important because everyone in Europe was Christian
        • God even came before the King
      • Crusades
        • Richard the Lionheart spent most of his reign on crusade in Jerusalem


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