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  • History - 1933
    • Hitler becomes chancellor
      • Cause: Hitler was appointed chancellor
      • What Happened: The nazi party got more and more popular move voted ended up being put in for Hitler.
      • Effects:
        • Hitler became to power in Germany.
        • Hitler wiped out the democracy.
        • The ** were made to kill thoses who did not go along with the nazi rules.
        • More jobs were created in Germany alone.
    • Riechstag Fire
      • Cause: The Burning of the Reichstag Building.
      • What happened: Ont the night of 27th of febuary, thousands heard the news that the Reichstag fire building had been set on fire a man was found in the building and he was picked as the one who createdc the mess createdso hitler used this evidence to suggest he was plotting against the Nazi party.
      • Effects:
        • decreased  death penelty for crimes widerange
        • allow to ban any meeting maybe plotting against hitsre.
        • allow to close up paper creating adverts to join groups plotting again government
    • Enabling Act
      • Cause: The act gave Hitler the power to make laws without the approval of either the Reichstag the government at most of all the president of Germany.
      • What Happened:The Reichstag had in effect voted itself out of  existence.They never held an debate.The enabling act triggered a six months period of rapid change throughout germany.
      • Effects:
        • Hitler was an decision maker.
        • Nobody had any input into the actions in germany apart Hitler


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