History -1923

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  • History -1923
    • Munich Putsch
      • Cause: in september the chancellor stressemann decided that germany would haveto give into france.
      • What Happened: In november hitler tried to take advantage of the crisis by investigatin g the revolutionit seemed like the erfect plan but didnt work as poor tactics.
      • Effects:
        • plan failed.
        • Ended in inprisonment of Hitler
    • Hyperinflation
      • Cause: The german government did not keep up with their payments and became in alot of debt and the french wanted the germans to pay back what they own.
      • What happened: the german government did not have enough money to pay for cost of goods so they simply just printed more and more money off however because of this the value of the money got worse.
      • Effects:
        • the more money printed the quicker the value dropped along with it,
        • pensions and savings lost their vaues.
        • people who worked life and earned alot soon became beggers as money value went and they just couldnt afford homes.
    • Hitler on Trial
      • what happened: even though hitler was guilyty of trying to take over the german government his political life did not end there and soon he became leader of the german nazi party.(5 years jail)
      • Cause: Hitler tried to take over the german government
      • Effects:
        • Peple lost their trust and respect for hitler but soon he became great and was mostley forggoten
        • people began to plot against him and began planning as they did not agree with the plans he was going to go against


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