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  • History
    • Axis
      • Britain, France, USA
    • Why did the Germans lose against USSR
      • Russian Winters dropped to seriously low temperatures (-40)
      • The Germans were unprepared- the Germans did not have the proper clothing needed to withstand the weather
        • One troop of 88 men were only supplied with 16 coats and boots
      • Within a week over 150,000 men had frostbite and froze to death at their posts
      • Snow made invasion difficult as vehicles  literally could not moved
      • Hitler forbade the men from retreating and many froze to death
      • Hitler moved his men to Stalingrad from Moscow. this tired his army and he lost some on the wway
    • Russian Resistance
      • The Russians showed huge determination and fighting spirit. they refused to back down
      • The Russians used the scorched earth policy
      • The Russians viewed each other as Comrades. and valued each other as much as themselves.
      • The Russians were used to harsh weather conditions
      • The Russians surrounded the Germans at Stalingrad killing over 200,000 men
    • Why did Britain Win
      • British pilots pushed themselves To the limit showing great work  ethic.
      • The spitfire and Hurricane were an even match to the Messerschmitt.
      • The British developed a RADAR system.
    • Allies
      • Russia, Austria, Germany Italy Japan
    • Hitler's mistakes
      • Hitler ordered German planes to fly close together this made them an easy target
      • The Planes could only hold 30 mins worth of fuel
      • Germans were training 800 pilots a month wether Britain were training 200.
        • Hitler believed they would win because of this. Hitler was too confident and arrogant
          • Hitler had 824 pilots a month n=but Britain had 591 This also made him arrogant
    • Why did Hitler invade USSR
      • Resources
      • Ambition to destroy communism
      • Living space in the East
      • Defeated French 6 weeks- believed his army was superior.
      • Believed Russian people who hate communism would welcome him.


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