History Tudor s2 2.1

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  • Section 2 : 2.1 The King’s ‘Great Matter’
    • Pg 33-40
    • The break from Rome, c1529-1536
    • Reginald Pole
      • 1500-58
      • Great grandson of Duke of York
      • Key  Renaissance Humanist thinker
      • Refused to support H’s annulment with C of A
        • H tried to have him assassinated
    • Henry’s relig beliefs
      • He & C of A  describes as Humanists
        • Supported Cath but interested in Renaissance
      • Thomas More, discussed removing superstition from church
      • ‘Giodly Prince’ owing obedience to Pope
        • Wanted to love like European Princes
      • He knew Pope had authority over his marriage
      • Deeply committed to faith & relationship with God
      • Attended Mass at least once a day & went on a Pilgrimage
    • Concerns over succession
      • Worries about civil war
      • H surrounded by people with claim to throne d
      • C of A was  older- she had suffered miscarriages & still borns etc
        • Mary I
          • Women perceived as weak leadersd
            • Queen Matilda
      • H referred to Biblical  scripture to support need to end marriage
        • Deuteronomy
    • The case for divorce
      • H had failed to produce a legitimate son with C of A
        • But had an illegitimate son with mistress
          • H thought marriage was sinful in eyes of God
      • C of A found out H plan & believed her marriage was valid- referred to Relig
        • Marriage was sacrament in Cath church- could not separate
          • C of A strong Cath
        • Her nephew- Charles V was holding Pope captive
      • H claimed he had a troubled conscience
      • He aimed to  seek an annulment from Pope
      • H’s interest in Anne Boleyn
        • C of A strengthen determination to retain marriage
        • Made job for annulment from Pope harder for Cardinal Wolsey
    • C of A and her supporters
      • March 1529- Blackfriars Court
        • Campeggio
        • Speech
      • Made it clear she would appeal to Rome
      • She had considerable support in Eng
        • But faction & Duke of Norfolk  reduced C of A’s support
      • Thomas More & John Fisher supported C of  A
        • Fisher = Bishop of Rochester
      • Anna Boleyn relegated as H’s consort
        • Lose royal favour
      • Huge support from Charles v
    • Cardinal Wolsey & Anne Boleyn
      • Wolsey replaced by More in Oct 1529
        • Parl called a month later to pressure Pope
        • Wolsey failed to gain annulment
      • Letters between Anne & H 1527-
      • Her uncle- Duke of Norfolk
      • Anne exposes H to new texts
        • Fish’s Supplication of the Beggars
          • criticised greedy & overfed clerics


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