slave trade

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  • History revision
    • Trade triangle
      • this a triangle from Liverpool to Africa to sell good then collect slaves ship them to north america then sell then for Tobacco and cotton
    • Middle passage
      • the slaves are chained for the beginning of the journey so they cant escape and swim back on 2nd week they let some at a time off the chains to let them gain fitness on the last week they oiled them and treated them well
    • Acutions
      • once the slaves arrive at the docks there treated like livestock and sold to owners of plantations
    • Resistance
      • there was many ways of resistance such as posing your owner,escaping,faking illness and working slow
    • Abolition
      • the ways to abolish the slave trade is to create emphatic images on plates seals and everyday objects
    • CNOPC
      • Content Nature Origin Purpose      Contextual knowledge
    • slavery abolition act 1833
      • this is were the British colonies will get a apenicship they will be paid a little the only people who get this is is the workers over 6 under 6 are free to not work by 1840 all people are free


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