History of the atom-P1

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  • 1897- J J Thompson
    • The History Of The Atom.
      • 1909- Ernest Rutherford
        • working with Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden
        • conducted gold foil experiment
          • fired positively charged alpha particles at an extremely thin piece of gold
            • some passed straight through
            • some were deflected backwards
            • some deflected slightly
      • Rutherford-
        • came up with the theory of nuclear atom
        • in his model most of the mass was concentrated in the positively charged nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons
        • most of the atom is empty space
      • Neils Bohr
        • scientists realised that electrons in a cloud around the nucleus would cause them to attract causing the atom to collapse
        • proposed a model where electrons can only exist in fixed shells or fixed orbits
    • figured atoms weren't solid spheres
    • measurements of mass and charge showed that the atom must contain smaller negatively charged particles
    • made a plum pudding model
      • "positive pudding"
      • "negative raisins"


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