history of psychology

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  • history of psychology
    • psychology as a distinct branch of study emerged around 1880 when the first experimental lab was established
      • is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those functions affecting behaviour in a given context
      • a means of acquiring knowledge through systematic and objective investigation. the aim is to discover general laws
      • the first systematic experimental attempt to study the mind by breaking up conscious awareness into basic structures of thoughts images and sensations
    • Wundt was known as the 'father of psychology' he opened the first lab dedicated to psychological enquiry in Germany in 1879
      • he discovered the naure of human conscious AKA introspection
        • Wundt et al recorded their own conscious thoughts with the aim of breaking them down to further explain them
    • although Wundt attempted to understand the mind, many psychologists today would regard this as scientific
    • introspection were recorded using standardised procedures under tightly controlled conditions using the same stimulus every time making these experiment reliable


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