Who did the Nazis appeal to?

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  • farmers
    • Hitler's Appeal
      • The working class
        • Attracted be the Nazis values
        • Like promise of 'work and bread'
        • attracted by posters showing workers like them
      • Young People & Women
        • loved Hitlers speechs and the atmosphere of nazi rallies
        • wanted best for their families and future
        • wanted traditional values
      • middle class
        • Hitler could get their savings back
        • Thought Nazis could protect them from the communists who would take their wealth
        • Wanted traditional german values
      • Big business
        • Hitler was a leader who make their businesses great again
        • Thought the NSDAP could stop the communists who threatened their businesses
    • Hitler always said that these people were the true Aryans.
    • Hitler promised to protect them from the communists who wanted to take their land
    • The Nazis represented a return to traditional values so people would respect rural life


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