History Hitler coming into power

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  • Start of the rise for Hitler Cycle Assessment 1.
    • Reichstag Fire.
      • 27th febrary 1933 at 9:25PM
      • Culprit was a dutch communist.
        • Hitler then banned all communists from voting, they couldn't even promote their party, this allowed Hitler to bad mouth the Communists and say that they didn't care about main German buildings.
        • Around 4000 communists were arrested.
    • Chancellor
      • Hitler became chancellor on 30th january 1933 by president hindenburg.
    • Election
      • Hitler didn't win the majority over in the January election.
      • Durinfg the March 1933 election they won 288 seats which was 44% of the reich, this was due to them locking up and imprisoning communists, hilter needed the super majority so they joined the DNVP and Natiolists who had the same tyhought criteria as the Nazi's.
        • The SA watched when people were voting and indimidated them into voting for the Nazi's,. The majority then led Hitler to pass the Enabling Act which allowed him to pass laws and rule the reich; it was meant to be for 4 years however, Hitler dictated for 12. He only had 90 votes against him in the march election.
      • Enabling Act
        • This banned opposing parties from threatning the Nazis
        • The leaders of oppositions were put into concentration camps
          • It banned trade unions ( workers rights) he removed peoples voice from the work force. They intimidated oppositions by Book burning, SA, and in the Governemnt there were only Nazi members.
    • Knight of Long Knives
      • The sA and Rohm had been seen as a threat to the Nazi's due to it's large quanitities of troops
      • Hitler went for a 'meeting' but came out of there killing the leaders including ernst Rohm, the ** and Himmler led this.
        • Resulting in some SA moving over to the ** on Hitlers side.


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