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  • History Factor question
    • Superstition and religion
      • The church insisted people agreed with Galen. When a dissection was performed, it was to prove that Galen was wrong
      • Church encouraged that disease was a punishment from god
      • Church encouraged people to go on crusades where they met muslim doctors
      • Jesus really important in the medical care of patients
      • They did not know a lot about sanitary
    • Key individuals
      • John Hunter: Practised on human corpses and performed surgical operations ahead of time in 1780.
      • Florence Nightingale: 'lady of the lamp'
      • Hippocrates: Thought that the body was made up of four humours
      • William Harvey: Discovered that blood was pumped from the heart
      • Vesalius: Discovered Galen was wrong because Galen dissected on animals not humans
    • Communication
      • Medieval books were made so that people could teach students
      • Humphrey Davy: spread his ideas about experiences of nitrous oxide
      • Pasteur discovered the germ theory and Robert Koch carried on these ideas.
      • After Vesalius published his finding, Thomas Gemenus copied his book.
    • Government
      • Taxed people if they threw their waste on the streets
      • Never invested in Jenner
    • Science and technology
      • William Woodville carried out tests using cowpox, but contaminated the needles
      • John Hunter dissected on many human corpses and published his findings
    • War
      • At the crusade, the people met muslim doctors who showed them techniques
      • Pare ran out of oil for gunshot wounds so made his own ointment which cured
    • Chance
      • Pare ran out of oil for gunshot wounds so made his own ointment which cured
      • By chance, Penicillin flew in through the window onto a petri dish - Fleming


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