Hitler's power in 1933

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  • Why did Hitler become chancellor in 1933?
    • why did he join the Nazi party?
      • because he wanted to get back at thecommunists
    • problems and mistakes of Weimar
      • Police had no control
      • Weimar were blamed for the loss of war
      • The treaty of Versailles was hanging over them.
    • Why did the economic crisis help The NSDAP
      • It made their own policies look better to even more classes
      • People don't want to vote for the Weimar government so they vote for the NSDAP
    • Peer pressure
      • People were often threatened to be fired if they followed anyone other than the Nazis
    • Propaganda
      • Hitler traveled around the country so it felt personal and people wanted to vote
        • He made speeches all over the country-it was very powerful seeing him in person
      • He practically promised anything to everybody-Bribery
    • why did he not gain power in 1923?
      • There was so much going on that it was too hard to  change power.
        • The government were trying to sort out reparations, so they did not want Hitler there causing more uproar and trouble




Wow omg what a coincidink I literally just had a test on Hitler - U R A LYFFEEE SAVERRRR, honestly this means so much to me that you put valuable time in your day aside to help poor souls like me who can’t do history. You are an absolute god send HALLELUJAHHH. Much love, from your biggest fan

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