History - Chartism

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  • Chartist demands
    • A vote for every man over the age of 21
      • Allow people in working class to vote
      • To pass laws that help the people of working class
      • To be equal with the rich people and be able to make change
    • A secret ballot
      • Private voting
      • Deter bribing
      • Each party has an equal chance of winning
      • Deter influence the voter by intimidation and potential vote buying
    • No property qualification
      • A man of working class can become an MP without restrictions
      • working class can be represented in the house of commons
    • Payments of members
      • MPs can solely focus on being an MP
      • Wouldn't have to do other jobs to gain money
      • More time to concentrate on the country and on improving it
    • Annual  Parliaments
      • Easy to replace bad and unpopular government
      • A new government every year
    • Equal constituencies
      • Same amount of representations for all boroughs
      • No unfairness in elections of MPs
      • Same amount of voters in each part of the country


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