History: Change in Politics JFK-LBJ

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  • John F. Kennedy
    • Civil Rights
      • Appointed 5 federal judges, including civil rights lawyer and activist Thurgood Marshal
      • Threatened legal action against Louisiana for refusing to fun integrated schools
      • October 1962:  23000 troops sent to Mississippi University so black student James Meredith could study there
    • The Economy
      • Doesn't balance budget to increase spending & decrease segregation
      • General tax cut on goods to increase spending
      • $900 million spent on public works. Government began public projects
    • Social Reforms
      • 1962 Manpower & Training Act: retraining for long-term unemployed
      • Area Re-development Act 1961: government allowed to give loans/grants to states with long-term unemployed
      • Housing Act 1961: cheap loans for inner-city re-development
      • Social Security Act 1962: greater financial help to elderly and unemployed. Extended act benefits to each child with unemployed fathers
      • Planned to increase minimum wage from $1.00 to $1.25
      • Planned to start Medicare: cheap state health insurance system


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