History 22 marker on the end of the cold war

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  • End of the cold war 22 marker plan
    • 1st paragraph
      • during 1980s the cold war became more and more dangerous
      • by the end of the 1980s the USA and the USSR were cooperating with each other (like1945)
    • 2nd paragraph Reagan
      • he increased military spending's  they became so high that Americans struggled
      • When Gorbachev came to power (Ussr) 1985 he withdrew from Afghanistan and ended the Brezhnev doctrine
      • he became a more diplomatic leader
      • he negotiated the 1987 intermediate nuclear forces treaty
      • he made a speech in Berlin calling on Gorbachev to tear the wall down
    • 3rd paragraph
      • economy was looking up for the USA
      • Ussr close to a total collapse
      • Gorbachev knew Ussr could not keep up with the US spending because..
        • living standards were so low
        • corruption in communist party meant money was wasted
        • millions were starving
        • industries needed modernising
        • Untitled
    • Paragraph 4
      • resulted in Gorbachev realising that there needed to be political and economic change if USSR was to survive the cold war
      • money was saved by ending the arms race
      • people were made to speak about things which could be improved
    • Paragraph 5
      • Gorbachev's two main policies were...
        • Glasnost
        • Perestroika
      • Perestroika was introducing more capitalist economic reforms
    • Paragraph 9
      • Gorbachev knew he needed to cut defence spending
      • 1986 he said he wanted to get rid of all nuclear weapons and abandon the Brezhnev doctrine
      • Reagan and Gorbachev held summit meetings
      • the 1987 intermediate nuclear forces treaty removed 4000 nuclear war heads and ended the star wars programme
      • 19888 Gorbachev withdrew soviet forces from Afghanistan and other iron curtain countries
      • president George bush meet Gorbachev in Malta in 1989 and they said that the cold war was now over
      • Warsaw pact was being disbanded


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