Historical views of psychopathology

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  • Historical views of psychopathology
    • Ancient history
      • demonology
      • humourism- hippocrates
    • Dark Ages
      • Idea of four humours, re-ermergence of demonology and hysteria (women)
      • Hysteria driven by religious beliefs
        • Summa Theological - Thomas Aquinas
    • 1550s-1914
      • two primary models
        • hysteria model
          • causes: being a woman, having a womb = unbalanced humours
            • treatment: fumigation, herbs, masturbation/sexual assualt
          • applies only to women
        • moral character model
          • applies only to men
          • mental distress caused by being morally weak and/or lacking the fortitude to be a real man
      • Asylums
    • 1914-1916
      • changes due to WWI
      • Charles Meyer term 'shell shock'
      • Military advanced psychology, pushed for more clinical research and treatments, accepted can appear in both sexes
    • Modern Psychology
      • 20th century- rise in empiricism led to psychiatry
        • Freud
        • Fleiss and the 'nasal-genital response'
    • The radical shift in the 50s
      • Psychoanalysis ruled over psychology
      • Kraepelin psychiatry took over- increase in clinical psychology and antidepressant drugs
    • Contemporary models of mental health
      • biological/medical/psychiatric
      • cognitive-behavioural
      • Psychodynamic
      • Humanistic
      • Existential
      • Transpersonal
      • Systemic
      • Biopsychosocial
    • Critical Psychiatry/Psychology
      • issues :(
        • manuals are dehumanizing
        • claims to be client centred and empathetic despite research showing otherwise
        • deny/are against evuidence
      • Accurate issues raised  by critical psychology
        • there is an overprescription of psychopharmacology
        • loss of autonomy of client
        • CBT is too formulaic


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