Historical Evidence of Social Harms

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  • Historical evidence of Social Harms
    • Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)
      • 140,000 deaths from an atomic bomb
      • No law restricting the use of atomic bombs
        • Bombing innocent civilians is now illegal
      • The USA are the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons against another.
    • US Airstrikes on Libya (1986)
      • Bomb exploded in Germany killing 2 American Service Men
      • Intelligence gained by the US Government suggested that the bomb was a scheme by the Libyan Government
      • 60 American Jets dropped missiles on Libyan Naval Academy killing 41 people
      • The US bombing was a violation to the UN Charter and international law
    • Invasion of Iraq
      • Evidence of weapons of mass destruction
        • No weapons of mass destruction was ever found
      • Backed by Britain, Poland and Austria
      • During the first two years of coalition the forces killed 9270 civilians
    • Genocide in Rwanda (1994)
      • Plane carrying President of Rwanda was shot down
      • Forces and 50,000 civilians killed 800,000 ethnic minorities in a 3 month killing spree
        • UN Denied any genocide took place
          • US Freedom of information speech later showed President Bill Clinton's administration knew Rwanda was engulfed in genocide by chose to ignore it


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