Historical determinants in uk and australia

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  • Historical determinants
    • UK
      • Old culture
      • 19th century defined class system
      • class determined income, lifestyle, sporting opportunities
      • sport comes from public school system
      • Power and prestige from british empire had global impact
      • Sport help to establish the british traditions which spread sport to the empire
      • In 19th century, UK had clear divisions between amateur sporting gentlemen and professionals
        • Division was very clear in sporting instances such as Cricket
    • Australia
      • New culture
      • Name "currency" was give to convicts children and are claimed to be 1st generation of true australians
      • Didn't have this class structure, given the name of Land of fair go
      • Sport associated with UK where adopted by the "currency" and native australians
      • As australia was part of the empire, the UK was considered as the "motherland"
      • Australians always wanted to beat the "motherland" so every win was significant
      • Social class and sporting status was much less rigid as 'land of fair go' and 'egalitarianism' was present


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