An Inspector Calls - Context with Quotes

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  • Historical Context
    • Class Divide
      • Eric and Eva / Gerald and Eva's love affairs were 'sinful' as they were in different social classes
      • Mrs. Birling denies Eva help as she used her name, but didn't deserve it because she's of a different social class
        • "Girls of that class"
      • Mr.Birling sees Eva and the lower class as having less social and working rights
        • Sheila disagrees
          • "But these girls aren't cheep labour, they're people"
        • "She had to go"
      • Sheila has power over Millwards because of her family's social status
        • "You used the power you had... to punish the girl."
    • Historical Milestones
      • World War 1
        • The big change that was needed to merge the classes, socialists and capitalists
        • The change that is needed to emphasize the Inspector's messages
          • "We are members of one body"
          • "With fire, blood and anguish"
          • "There are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths"
      • The Titanic
        • Reminded of how the social class divide resulted in the death of thousands
      • Dramatic Irony
        • Audience knows this is wrong
        • Emphasizes how hot headed but wrong Mr. Birling is. Making us dislike him and disagree with his opinion
    • Sexism
      • Eric treats Eva Smith with little respect, forcing her into having sex with him
        • "I was in that state where a chap easily turns nasty"
        • "I don't even remember that's the hellish thing"
      • Women were seen as objects and taken advantage of
        • Eva Smith is a clear example
        • Mrs. Birling is an exception as she holds social superiority over Mr. Birling
          • However we still see Mrs. Birling treating women wrongly with her charity, judging them.
            • "Girls of that class"
      • Gerald takes advantage of her relying on him
        • "I didn't feel about her as she felt about me"
      • Sheila displays free-thinking spiritness that reflects the attitudes of the 'Suffragettes'
        • "But these girls aren't cheap labour, they're people"
      • Mr. Birling is sexist when talking about Mrs. Birling and Sheila, saying that girls only care for clothes and shoes
        • "You'd think a woman had never had any clothes before she gets married. Women are potty about 'em"
    • Capitalism / Socialism
      • The Inspector - Socialist
        • "We are members of one body"
        • How his questions focus on their wrong doings morally instead of legally, emphasizes his concern about the social injustice
        • The mouth piece of socialism
        • Reflecting Priestley's views
          • The mouth piece of socialism
      • Sheila Birling and Eric Birling - Capitalist to Socialist


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