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  • Hippolytus
    • Set in trozen outside Thesus' house
      • Aphrodite wishes to punish Hippolytus
        • she is offended that he only worships Cypris
    • Meanwhile Hippolytus prays to Artemis
      • that she will keep him pure and chaste
      • servant reminds him that he should acknowledge all of the gods
        • he apologises to Aphrodite for Hippolytus' behaviour
    • Nurse enters
      • Phaedra is bearing her pain in silence
        • the nurse gets it out of her that she's love sick
          • nurse reassures her that this isn't shameful as the gods often have affairs
            • Phaedra reveals that she's in love with Hippolytus
              • the nurse promises not to tell anyone
                • however she reveals all to Hippolytus
                  • he's disgusted by Phaedra's feelings
                    • the nurse makes him promise not to tell anyone
      • talks about Phaedra's melancholic behaviour
    • now that Phaedra' secret it out she feels she has no option other than to commit suicide
      • however she doesn't want to ruin her children's reputations
        • so she leaves a note on a tablet revealing that he was ***** by Hippolytus
          • when Thesus sees this he immediately orders Hippolytus into exile
            • he also prays to Poseidon his father to kill his son
              • Poseidon sent two bulls to scare Hippolytus's horses
                • Hippolytus was bolted off and dragged behind his chariot
                • he suffered a fatal head wound and is slowly dying
            • Hippolytus prays to Artemis to look after him in his exile
          • Hipploytus is amazed that theseus would believe these claims due to his chastity
          • he doesn't reveal Phaedra's secret
    • Artemis reveals the truth about Aphrodite's medalling to Theseus
      • Artemis reveals that she wanted to protect him but  of another god
        • she tells him to forgive his father and he was subject to illfate
          • Theseus begs for his forgiveness  and says goodbye to his son


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