Key Figures - Hippocrates

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  • Hippocrates
    • Born c.460BC Died c.370BC
    • The Hippocratic Oath
      • Doctors have to keep high standards of treatment and behaviour and work for the benefit of the patients, not to make themselves wealthy
    • Collection of books
      • Contains work from Hippocrates and other doctors
      • First detailed list of symptoms and treatments
      • Continued to be used for many centuries.
    • Observing and recording
      • Showed that it is very important to observe and record symptoms and development in the disease
      • Doctors more likely to choose right cure, by taking care to find the cause of the patients disease
        • Notes could be used for diagnosis and treatment of future patients
    • Natural Treatments
      • Encouraged use of natural treatments rather than to the Gods for help.
    • Keeping Healthy
      • Emphasised importance of helping people stay healthy
      • Hippocrates recommended a light and healthy diet
        • And gentle exercise
        • And rest to keep the body's humours balanced.


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