High Pressure Hazard Case Studies

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  • High Pressure Hazard Case Studies
    • Mid-West USA (Arizona and California)
      • Cause- High Water Usage And Low Rainfall
    • Australia (The Big Dry) 10 Year Drought- Murray-Darling Basin
      • Effect
        • Rudd government outed over lack of attention to the subject
        • Areas oldest trees are dieing proving its the worst they've expernienced
        • States are arguing over water rights
        • Farmers struggling to stay in business, production has declined by half in some areas
      • Causes
        • ENSO brings drought
        • Enhanced Greenhouse effect
        • Erratic rainfall patterns
        • 20% drop in rainfall= 70% drop in stream flow
        • Overallocation of water
      • Management
        • Government water buying back water allocation
        • Farms are diversifying there income to survive- Ecotourism, Farm museums etc.
    • Southern Zambia
      • Causes
        • Deforestation blamed for increasingly arid nature
        • Poor soil is easily eroded
      • Management
        • Terracing used to reduce soil erosion
        • Pipes created to improve water retention
        • Wells created despite high labour input
      • Effects
        • Crop surveys show decreases in the yield of cash and food crops
          • Reduced productive capacity
        • Economic decline stops measures to reduce risk
    • Kenya 2009
      • Effects
        • MDG's Are Threatened Eg.Eradicate Poverty, Food Security And Environmental Sustainability
        • Economy Is Focused Heavily On Rain Due To Reliance On Agriculture
        • Livestock and Crops died that were required as food and cash crops
      • Causes
        • Arid/Semi-Arid Land Cover 80% Of Territory
        • Dependent On Rainfall
      • Management
        • International Aid Sent
        • Fortunate ones migrate to escape further problems
    • Water War (Jordan River)
      • Management
        • Religious sites restrict engineering
        • Possible Solutions
          • Improved Irrigation
          • Dam Construction
          • Desalination
          • New limits on usage
      • Effects
        • Jordanians feel they are suffering due to Israels overuse
      • Causes
        • Water shortages causing tensions between Jordan, Israel, Syria and Lebanon
        • Tension Already Present due to religion
        • Overuse in the upper regions of the river (Israel)
        • Pollution while it runs through Israel
        • Yarmouk river which replenishes the Jordan us drained by Jordan and Syria


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