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  • High BP and Heart Disease
    • High BP
      • Causedby smokin-g
        • Carbon monoxide
          • CO combines with haemoglobin in red blood cells
            • This reduces their ability to carry oxygen and supply the cells and tissues with oxygen
              • This deprives the cells and tissues of oxygen, so the heart has to make up for it so that the cells and tissues get enough O2.
                • The heart does this by beating faster and more frequently, causing BP to increase
        • Nicotine
          • Directly increases heart rate. i.e. Nicotine causes the heart to beat faster.
            • This increases BP,  as heart beats more often, so blood is at a higher pressure.
    • Heart disease
      • Any disease that affects the heart. e.g. heart attacks
      • Eating too much salt
        • Increases BP.
          • Which increases the risk of damage in the arteries.
            • This damage can encourage the build up of plaques, which can lead to a heart attack
      • NarrowArteries
        • The coronary arteries supply the heart muscle with blood
          • If it's narrowed, blood flow is restricted and the heart muscle receives less oxygen
            • As said before, this causes a heart attack
              • If a 'thrombosis' happens in an already narrow coronary artery...
                • Blood flow to the heart might be blocked completely
                  • This will cut of oxygen supply completely for one area of the heart muscle.
                    • AND THAT CAUSES A HEART ATTACK!
  • Thrombosis: a blood clot in a part of the circulatory system


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