High and low Level Languages

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  • High- and low-level languages
    • Translator
      • Compilers
        • Translates a HLL into machine code
          • Produces an executable file
          • 1 HLL statement = several machine code instructions
          • Used without a compiler
          • Distributed for general use
      • Interpreters
        • Executes a HLL program one statement at a time
          • No executable file of machine code
          • Cannot be used without the interpreter
          • Used when a program is being developed
          • 1 HLL statement may require several machine code intructions to be executed
      • Assemblers
        • Translates an assembly language program into machine code
          • An executable file of machine code is produced
          • 1 HLL translated into 1 machine code instruction
          • Can be used without an assembler
          • Usually distributed for general use
      • converts a program into binary instructions that computers can understand
    • High-level languages
      • Enable the programmer to focus on solving the problem
      • Portable - can be used on different types of computer
      • Programmer requires no knowledge of the hardware/ instruction set
    • Low-level languages
      • Machine code
        • Binary - no translation required
      • Assembly language
        • Needs to be translated into a machine code by an assembler
      • Relate to specific architecture and hardware of the computer
    • Computer Program
      • -  A list of instructions that enable a computer to perform a specific task


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