Legal issues and standards

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  • Legal issues and standards
    • Trademarks
      • Symbols, logos, words or slogans that are used to represent companies.
      • Trademarks are shown by a TM mark after the logo.
      • The particular turquoise on tins of Heinz baked beans is a trademark.
      • Even colours can be trademarks.
      • Other companies can't copy them because there is a trademark.
    • Patents
      • Patents protect a new invention that could have an 'industrial application'.
      • Only the designer has the right for the product to be manufactured, unless they sell the patent.
      • Patents last for up to 20 years.
      • Patents have been granted for things such as cat's eyes on roads.
    • Copyright
      • Written, drawn, and recorded work.
      • Copyright is shown by the symbol 'C'.
      • Runs out after a certain length of time.
        • For books, it is 70 years after the authors death.
    • Registered Design
      • Protects a new design's shape and appearance.
        • E.g. A car body shape or the design of a mobile phone casing.
      • This stops other people from copying the design.
      • You can register a design for 25 years.
        • Protected throughout the EU.


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