'The Hero's Journey/Monomyth'

Just a little mindmap to revise from. I didn't include the identifying qualties//whatever to each of the seven character types because I'm lazy and think it'll be useful to try and know them off by heart.

Any questions or need for clarfication, shoot me a message.

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  • The Hero's Journey
    • Also known as 'Monomyth'
      • Vladimir Propp - a soviet folklorist and scholar
        • Analysed the basic components of fairy tales to identify their simplest narrative
          • Joseph Campbell developed a more streamlined version
            • Known as ....
            • "All great stories include the same characters'"
              • Hero
              • Herlad
              • Mentor
              • Threshold Guardians
              • Trickster
              • Shape=shifter
              • Shadow
    • Part of Narrative Theory
      • Keep in mind 'The Three Act Structure'
    • Known as ....
    • Each character has a role to play
      • E.g. The Mentor - A (usually) wise presence that guides the hero and gives them advice
        • Can you think of an example of a 'Mentor'? Think about the characters in different medias. . ..
          • Movies?
          • Books?
          • Video games?
          • An example is Gandalf from LOTR
      • 'Shape shifter' - A character who changes their role in the story
        • A bad guy to a good guy. Vice versa
          • Can you think of any examples?
            • Captain Jack Sparrow is an example of this time of character!


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