Heroism - theme

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  • Heroism
    • Larry Lasalle
      • 'Silver star hero'
      • When returning home Larry receives a traditional hero's welcome.
        • 'We cheered as he stepped down from the platform.
      • Stereotypical hero.
      • 'Larry was our hero'
      • There is the idea that  Larry has always been a hero.
        • Due to his 'movie-star smile' making his a role model
        • 'He had been a hero to us long before he went to war'
    • Francis Cassavant
      • 'Silver star'
      • Francis believes he's not a hero. This is because his awarded actions did not have heroic intention.
        • 'I'm no hero'
        • 'I am not a hero, of course'
        • 'I'm not the hero he thinks i am'
      • 'You're a goddam hero'
    • Context
      • 1939-1945
        • During WW2  those fighting were considered to be heroes.
        • War heroes are portrayed as role models.
        • They display bravery and patriotism.
    • Others
      • The people of Frenchtown are excited by examples of heroism because they do not have to face the consequence of war.
        • 'Cheers filled the air'
          • Larry's appearance on the News.
        • They also have respect for heroes.
          • 'poor boy'


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