Heroes by Robert Cormier - War

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  • Heroes - War Theme
    • Horrifying and terrifying
      • 'the scared war'
      • Francis' facial injuries at beginning
        • 'bits of dangling flesh' for ears
        • 'no face'
      • Massive efffect on those who fought in it
        • Including Larry LaSalle
          • 'pale, eyes sunk into sockets'
          • 'he seems fragile now'
    • Arthur Rivier found drunk behind St Jude's Club
      • Veterans have similar issues
        • Hard to cope with memories
      • Says people are trying to ignore effects of war
        • 'the war nobody wants to talk about'
        • Hiding emotions
      • Arthur has no physical injuries but affected mentally
        • 'I know he is not OK'
    • Francis' dreams about being back at war
      • Can't forget about it?
      • Insight to innocence of young boys
        • One cried 'mama'
        • 'too young to shave, just like me'
          • Soldiers all similar, too young to fight'


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